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Spires is a term for the more specific Techspire, Warspire, and Lorespire that are the three arms of the human Triocracy.

In a broader sense a Spire is the center of power on a given planet and/or system. They come in various sizes and configurations, but the most prominent (and the first to come into existence) is the three mile high Terran Techspire with its surrounding Tangle. Each planet within the Sphere of the Triocracy (that isn’t considered a terraforming operation or an outpost) has at least one Spire established on its surface, or in the process of being constructed.

Most Spires are not as restrictive as the first Techspire on Terra, allowing citizens to come and go with far fewer restrictions.

Spires came about as an evolution from the devastating events following the rise of Ascension which ultimately led to the Digital Dark Age and the decade long Transcendence Wars of 2300. Millions fled the planet and most of those who couln’t perished. Billions perished during the wars which rendered Earth nigh uninhabitable in the end. Only establishment of the first Spire on Earth (Terra) led to humanity’s survival and ability to later spread to the stars.

Most Spires possess the following:

  • Docking ports at the highest extent to allow shuttles to load and unload passengers and/or cargo.
  • A Continuum data stream entering through the topmost tip of the Spire, redirected from a relay in geosynchronous orbit. This high energy stream also acts as a means to propel a space elevator to the relay station via nullspace perturbations caused by the energy stream.
  • Spires are typically near coast lines to have a continuous source of water delivered via desalination plants.
  • Each Spire has a Crat who oversees administration of the Spire and/or the local system.

As indicated earlier in the entry, there are three types of Spires within the Triocracy:

  • Techspire:
    • This spire controls all the technology and intellectual property of the Triocracy, as well as the entirety of the Continuum (and Infinispace). Analogous to pre-Transcendence Wars megacorporations.
    • Represents: knowledge, technology, infrastructure
  • Warspire:
    • This spire enforces the edicts of the Triocracy, moderates disputes between Spires, and controls all interstellar space travel. Analogous to pre-Transcendence Wars government military organizations.
    • Represents: power, law, order, transportation
  • Lorespire:
    • This spire is tasked with the enlightenment of Triocracy citizens and controls the dissemination of history as well as managing the centuries long strife between Mortalists and Transcendentalists. Analogous to pre-Transcendence Wars education systems, universities, and organizations of faith. Also known as the Culturespire.
    • Represents: enlightenment, education, history

There may be other instantiations or variations of Spires within the Sphere of the Triocracy, but are only known to the highest level of Crats.

Faction: Human
Exists in: Realspace (various planets/colonies/settlements)

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