Infinispace Sphere of the Triocracy

Sphere of the Triocracy

The Sphere of the Triocracy is the human empire that was loosely established in 2221 CE when Nulldrive technology was first discovered and developed. Humanity tentatively probed interstellar space beyond the confines of their own Solar system. As time passed, and the understanding of Null technology was better understood, humanity accelerated its spread through the local Orion–Cygnus Arm of the galaxy in a roughly spherical pattern. One would assume that the “seat of power” of the Sphere resides on Earth, but that’s a misnomer. Governance and power within the Sphere is spread across the various Spires of the Triocracy, with no centralized location. This is by design, as centralized power is considered a vulnerability.

In the 378 years since the discovery of Nulldrive technology, the Sphere of the Triocracy has expanded to an extent of ~100 lightyears contained in the local galactic supershell. In those years the Triocracy has colonized or created settlements on 50 worlds in the 512 star systems within their reach.

While not a literal sphere, the Sphere of the Triocracy represents a region of spacio-economic growth of the human race across local space.

Faction: Human, Transcendentalist, Mortalist, Mixed
Exists in: Realspace

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