Infinispace Glossary: Spaces


The world exists as a near limitless layer of realities, full of wonders and horrors.

Beyond the physical reality of Realspace, there reside a multitude of virtual realities within Infinispace as well as all the layers of Shellspace surrounding our own physical reality (Shellspace 0). These various realities allow citizens to escape their everyday lives, complete groundbreaking research at accelerated speed, settle personal and Spire grudges without shedding blood, and travel between the stars. But every so often humans accidentally tread where they are not wanted … and must suffer the consequences.

Known Spaces:

  • Infinispace – virtual
    • Commonspace – Freehaven
    • Dream Theater
    • Freespace
    • Gamespace
    • Techspace
    • Warspace
  • Nullspaceinterstitial space, between all Shells
  • Shellspace – physical spaces, there are 14 known and accessible Shells
  • Realspace – physical space (our reality), aka. Shellspace 0

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