Infinispace SNA-B42


In 342 DE (2652 CE) a non-Terrestrial device was found nestled in the Lagrange point between Callisto and Jupiter, orbiting the gas giant in tandem with Callisto. Even though the large spherical device was not of terrestrial origin, it had the very terrestrial “B42” printed on its side. It was quickly dubbed SNA-B42 … or “Sol Non-Terrestrial Anomoly-B42.”

SNA-B42 was deemed benign and towed back to Deimos Fortress. It was poked, prodded and scanned but little was learned of the enigma other than its approximate age of 800 years, dating it to pre-Triocracy and even pre-spaceflight eras.

After months of fruitless prodding and research, an abrupt change in state occurred one day when researcher Nikos Chernikov approached SNA-B42. A lock mysteriously opened in its side and Chernikov entered to investigate. Shortly after the device became active. The ball tried to escape the Deimos Fortress dock, causing significant damage and loss of life. It eventually plunged into the Martian gravity well landing damaged, but mostly intact, in the southern marge of Huygens Crater.

Chernikov did not survive the impact.

Faction: ???
Exists in: Realspace

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