Infinispace Preception Abstractor

Preception Abstractor

The Preception Abstractor is a Colossus machine that resides deep within the Techspire. Its existence is kept a closely guarded secret, even from the Warspire and Lorespire, who would take exception that it might be an artificial intelligence that violates post-Resurgence edicts. There’s much debate among the technocratis as to whether Preception qualifies as an actual A.I.. Despite its usefulness to the Techspire, there are some who oppose its existence and fear it might lead to another Ascension level event.

The purpose of Preception is to act as a “precognition perception” device used to collect, collate, and extrapolate all data gathered from Persona Shards and the Continuum. It then uses this data to predict future possibility variants. If a future variant analysis passes a prescribed confidence level event horizon, the variant will likely (but not always) occur. These variants are then extrapolated to determine the varying degrees of impact they might pose to the future of the Techspire and the Triocracy.

At this point, the Spire sets covert intercept protocols in motion.

Faction: Techspire
Exists in: Realspace

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