Infinispace Glossary: Pinnacle City

Pinnacle City

The great city on top of Terran Techspire is known as Pinnacle City. At its peak it is three miles above the Zone … what remains of the Terran surface. At this elevation Spirelings are protected from inhospitable conditions by a low power nullfield surrounding the city.

All points off (and on to) Terra lead through Pinnacle City via craft shuttling Triocracy Citizens to and from orbit. All trade and off-world products are also move through Pinnacle City. No craft, especially private non-Triocracy controlled craft, are allowed to enter Terra’s atmosphere anywhere else but close proximity to Terran Techspire.

Infinispace Glossary: Pinnacle City

The Infinispace data stream is projected from the top of Pinnacle City to a relay station in orbit, Pinnacle Station. From there it is projected via Nullspace to all corners of the Triocracy. The infrastructure and technology for the entirety of the Continuum and Infinispace resides within Techspire 1 and Pinnacle City. An orbital elevator is also available that can ferry passengers to the orbital relay station and then to Triocracy transports to other systems. The orbital elevator rides the Infinispace beam into orbit on Nullspace perturbations induced by the massive, high-powered data stream.

Infinispace Glossary: Pinnacle City

No Tangle Citizen is allowed in Pinnacle City unless via the Outerworlds Lottery. All Spirelings are allowed to visit, but only the wealthiest and privileged among them are allowed to live there. Several hundred thousand of the Spire’s most elite reside in the many tiers and levels of the opulent Pinnacle City.

Faction: Humans
Exists in: Realspace (Earth)

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