Infinispace Persona Shard

Persona Shard

Invention of the Shards date back to the mid-21st century when the age of computing required high density, low latency data storage. Information is stored within an engineered crystalline nano-matrix using a hyper low wavelength, high pulse optical writing process. This technology is near indestructible and storage life can span upwards of a million years. Unfortunately this technology had not reached maturity before the Cold Boot, which would have prevented the loss of most of the world’s information and data.

During the Second Renaissance, Shard technology became fully realized and evolved into Persona Shards. Every Citizen of the Triocracy is given a Persona Shard. These shards are linked for life to the Citizen (unless Uncitizened), and store every personal piece of information relating to that person, including: entire genetic sequence, all verbal and bio.node communications, finances, location history, and any other information the Triocracy might deem relevant.

Attempting to destroy or modify a Persona Shard is grounds for being Uncitizened. All attempts to reverse engineer or hack shards have been fruitless. The are an enigma to everyone but but the elite within the Terran Techspire.

Faction: NA
Exists in: Realspace

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