Infinispace Glossary: Obscurum


The Forgotten, the Lost, Lurkers … they are known by many names, but their officially accepted name is the Obscurum.

These are citizens of the Triocracy, with means and reasons, who have chosen to forgo their existence in Realspace and carry out their remaining lives in the Continuum, primarily within the confines of Infinispace. Their minds are connected with and fully embedded in Infinispace, while their physical bodies are contained in secret vaults somewhere in Realspace with others of their kind. The tenders of these vaults are compensated to maintain their physical shells for their remaining life by slowing down metabolism through the use of biochemistry and nanotechnology. Through this life extending regime, and the time dilation difference between Realspace and Infinispace, Obscurum can live out the equivalent of 5-10 lifetimes before their physical mind and body fail, at which time their persona within Infinispace withdraws and ceases to exist.

Within the socioeconomic stratum of Infinispace (which is far less stratified than the Triocracy of Realspace) Obscurum are often, but not exclusively, the most wealthy and influential. They reside in the highest towers of Freehaven, have access to the most exotic simulations, and can wield enough power to influence even some aspects of Realspace.

There are whispers of an organized group of Obscurum within Infinispace who are called the “Ring.” They are experts at manipulating many aspects of Infinispace, causing the Techspire on Terra to spend significant resources to try and ferret them out … with little result. The power of the Ring often extends into Realspace, but few know who these Obscurm are, or how they operate within Infinispace. They are masters of secrecy and obfuscation.

Also known as: Forgotten, Lost, Lurkers, The Ring

Faction: Obscurum
Exists in: Infinispace & Realspace

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