Belief in a reality is only a figment of an interpreted perception. The world of the Triocracy is one in which a Citizen can quickly find themselves lost, wandering paths of illusion and deception if they are not careful where they step or with whom they associate. It’s a setting striated with layers of onion-like parallel realities, both in the virtual world (comprised of the Continuum and Infinispace) and the physical world (comprised of Shellspaces and Nullspaces).

Nullspaces, also called Interstitials, represents physical “unrealities” … spaces between places. It’s the medium through which ships must navigate to another shell of reality where time moves at either a much slower or accelerated state depending on the shift relative to Shell 0. This allows ships to simulate traveling at FTL speeds and bypass significant expanses of Shell 0 (Triocracy space). See Shellspace for more information.

Nullspace is typically only entered using Warspire assets as they are designed, properly outfitted and trained to deal with all the physical and psychological challenges associated with treading through unreality. Interlopers entering Nullspace without being prepared seldom return, some are often trapped there for eternity.

See the figure below for an abstract representation of the spatial relationship between the 14 known shells of reality and unreality.

Infinispace Glossary: Nullspace

The following are strictly forbidden. Using Nullspace to …

    • gain financial profit through time acceleration.
    • elude or shorten Triocracy litigation, punishment, incarceration, statutes, etc.
    • make deliberate contact with Nullspace entities.
    • prolong life beyond prescribed Mortalist guidelines.

For more information on the myriad of Spaces within the Triocracy, please refer to that entry.

Also known as: Interstitials, Unreality, the In-Between

Faction: na
Exists in: Nullspace

Infinispace Lexicon

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