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The Mortalist and Transcendentalist belief systems arose as a gradual collision of ideas and values between human factions during the ~250 years between the beginning of the Digital Dark Age (2043 CE) and the end of the Resurgence (2310 CE/0 DE). In the early years of the Digital Dark Age religion and spiritualism saw a massive resurgence in popularity as humanity latched on to age old survival mechanisms to cope with the decline of human society. As conditions improved over the decades, and with Ascension breaking its silence and uplifting humanity into a Resurgence, many re-embraced technological advancement … including the improvement of the “human condition” through bodily modification. This embracement of technology accelerated as humanity move out to the stars.

Mortalists are those who believe that pursuing a posthuman or transcendental human state will lead to chaos, moral decay, and social disorder. Age death is a natural process and should not be interrupted. They eschew artificial immortality, believe only in spiritual immortality and the pursuit of such through better living. They accept their physical mortality and expect to live forever beyond their body’s failure.

They further believe that a human’s inherent moral compass is directly correlated with their sense of physical mortality. As long as one believes their physical form can die, one will reach spiritual enlightenment, making society holistically superior. Mortalists believe Transcendentalists are selfish and degenerate, existing solely to improve themselves as individuals, caring little for society as a whole.

This difference of philosophy eventually leads to the Transcendence War (2300-2310 CE).

Faction: Mortalists
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