Spire Integrator


Integrators are organimechanical constructs of the Triocracy that are deployed in any location where Citizens have to be monitored or subdued.

They are also used by the Triocracy to communicate with and/or interrogate Citizens that are wanted for various reasons. An Integrator is equipped with a spinal shunt neuro-toxin that instantly paralyzes its target while keeping it fully lucid. The Integrator then wraps itself around the rear of skull and deploys thousands of hair-like nano-filaments that pierce the brain through the skull, interfacing directly with the neuron structure, or a bio.node if a Citizen is so equipped. The Citizens persona is then transported into a Triocracy create construct where it is held until sentence is determined. At that time the Citizen’s body is either allowed to recover, or their persona is personally held by the Triocracy and their body is retrieved by Collectors.

Spire Integrator
Spire Integrator, A.I. Generated

Citizens rarely run or hide from Integrators as and infraction for which they are being sought pales in comparison to penalty for eluding the Triocracy.

An Integrator is approximately the size of a small dog. Its skin is usually dark brown or black that refracts a bluish sheen due to the millions of biosensors covering every part of its body. These biosensors act as visual, chemical, aural, and heat sensors allowing them to effortlessly find their target. They travel via a repulsor system that can move them in any direction through the air at an alarming rate of speed.

Faction: Humans
Exists in: Realspace (Spires)

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Integrator, A.I. Generated

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