Infinispace Ghol


These once normal Citizens have become so addicted and dependent on the alternate realities of Infinispace that they’ve utterly abandoned their Realspace identities and tap into Infinispace illicitly from dark and hidden enclaves far from the prying eyes of the Tangle and the Spire. Their ability to rationalize is so far gone that they will not give a second thought to embracing the most dangerous and disfiguring body modifications from back alley Sensoriums.

Spirelings afflicted with psychological disorders are offered treatment, and if not successful they are cast from their respective Spire. In the case of Terra all ghols reside within the Tangle, living in its darkest corners, or somewhere in the catacombs beneath. It is said there’s a large enclave of organized ghols somewhere deep in the bowels of the Underspire. Ghols are considered Uncitizens (nothing more than a pests) and are not the concern of a Spire, unless they in some way interfere with or interrupt Spire purposes.

Necessity of survival sometimes forces them to the surface where they often haunt the most isolated parts of the Tangle, murdering and thieving in order to eat and survive. The Spire considers them nothing more than pests and do nothing to curtail their activities. They’ve left that up to the Citizens to deal with.

Many people make no distinction between ghol’s and Lurkers, but the similarities have no foundation.

Faction: (sub)Human, corrupted Transcendentalist
Exists in: Realspace

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