Infinispace Glossary: Freehaven / Möbius City


Freehaven, also known as Möbius City, is the only sanctioned city within Infinispace. It is overseen and managed by the Triocracy (specifically the Techspires). Like almost all of Infinispace it’s primarily a lawless space, but when required Triocracy edicts are enforced by virtual Collectors. All other virtual cities/settlements/communities in Infinispace are managed by citizens.

The city has a peak population of approximately 1 billion, but at any given time active users in (or users traversing through) the city numbers approximately 100 million. It’s the only common area within Infinispace that is freely accessible to all citizens, but all services within the city require payment of some kind. The mechanics/physics of Freehaven are nearly identical to Realspace, keeping it a relatively level playing field for free-access citizens.

Freehaven doesn’t exist in any permanent Infinispace geography/setting. The structure of the city takes the form of an ultra-dense, primarily vertical, many-layered megacity, the core of which remains unchanged. New structures are added on the perimeter. The setting of the city changes with each day/night cycle. Residents lucky (or wealthy) enough to have views may be treated to vistas of the city surrounded by an alien landscape, lush forests, or spiral galaxies hanging in the sky.

None of these geographical features are accessible as the geometry of the city follows the concept of a Möbius strip in two dimensions. There is no real beginning or end to Freehaven. The city behaves as if it’s on an infinite, recursive surface. Travel down a continuous street and you will eventually find yourself back at the point where you started. Freehaven has no beginning or end to its boundaries.

All roads into Infinispace travel through Freehaven, specifically through Gateway Terminal. Conversely, all roads leading out of Infinispace travel through Freehaven. It is the only entry and exit point to boundless corners of Infinispace.

Also known as: Möbius City, Commonspace, Freespace

Faction: Humans
Exists in: Infinispace

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