Infinispace Glossary: Fixer


The Fixer is a former Spireling who now plies his unconventional trade in the back streets and black markets of the Tangle, and in the endless realms of Infinispace. His original origins are shrouded in secrecy, and he seems to follow no agenda other than his own. Profit and vengeance. Sometimes a mercenary, sometimes a sympathizer, sometimes a soldier, sometimes and assassin … always an enigma.

It’s said that he once possessed access to high-level technology within Techspire 1 and the Triocracy as a whole, as well as access to powerful individuals within the Triocracy. It’s entirely possible that the Fixer is excommunicado from the Triocracy, but not by choice, and may have a personal vendetta or end-game in play.

The Fixer has access to a small array of Techspire technology and knowledge, including many null devices (blades, suit, and other weapons) as well as triple bio.nodes, able to parallel process or serialize for redundancy as needed. He’s believed to be under the contract of several unknown and influential Tangle citizens, as well as the infamous Obscurum known as the Gravedigger. Regardless of his permanent contract status, he will take contracts from anyone for the right price … or if the reward furthers his vendetta.

His appearance is unknown as he’s always shrouded in a suit that provides physical protection and the ability to avoid detection. See nullsuit.

Despite evidence to the contrary, many within the Tangle consider him to be nothing more than a myth.

Faction: Unknown
Exists in: Realspace and Infinispace

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