Infinispace Drop Mech Exoskeleton

Drop Mech Exoskeleton

The Drop Mech Exoskeleton (D.M.E.) is a single person glider used by Warspire covert operations strike squads to insert units quietly from orbit to any location on a planet, regardless of atmosphere or gravity constant. The D.M.E. has stealth capabilities as well as direct bio.node interfacing for its control systems.

The exoskeleton fully envelops the passenger during planetfall. Once planet side and disengaged from the D.M.E. the passenger can order it to return to the orbiting drop craft. Stealth and agility is paramount thus the D.M.E. carries no weapons systems, though it is capable of carrying a small cargo which can consist of weapons and/or survival equipment to be used by the passenger after planetfall.

Faction: Humans
Exists in: Realspace (Warspire technology)

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