Infinispace Dream Theater

Dream Theater

A Continuum feature where Infinispace users are able to enter and share the minds of others during sleep cycles to generate fantastical dreams. The observer has no control over the content and is only able to watch and share the experience, but the dreams are augmented by and extrapolated by the Infinispace infrastructure to be significantly more vivid, realistic, and memorable. The originator of the dream has the option to save dreams and recall/reload them in following sleep cycles. This allows Infinispace to expand and iterate on a dream’s content. Many citizens have created extremely elaborate and detailed worlds of their own with Dream Theater, albeit one that can’t be interacted with by those sharing the dream. Unlike Infinispace the user feels no physical sensations while partaking in a Dream Theater.

Dream Theater is a popular option for many citizens of the Triocracy because it doesn’t require direct access to Infinispace, thus making it an economical option of escapism.

Faction: Humans
Exists in: Realspace (Techspire technology)

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