Infinispace Daemon


Citizens who choose suicide or happen to abruptly die while immersed in Infinispace can become daemons, euphemistically known as “ghosts in the machine.” These daemons are only residual fragments of their former true selves. They have no control over their appearance so they often take on a fragmentary shroud that loosely mimics their former physical selves. They also have very little control over Inifinispace and often appear in former haunts or in locations where they may have had a previous connection.

Fragmented personas have almost no long term residual memory, they only recall events just prior to their deaths, and other major/important milestones in their lives. They often communicate in a fragmented manner … incomplete sentences, stuttering, missing words, etc.

Little effort is made to remove them as their personas are so fragmented and randomly appear throughout Infinispace usually exerting almost no influence. From time to time a problematic daemon comes into existence and Collectors are sent on the hunt to expunge their data.

Since daemons are relatively rare they are thought by many to be nothing more than another myth.

Faction: na
Exists in: Infinispace

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