Infinispace Glossary: Collectors


Collectors are exclusively tools of Techspires, acting as their enforcers of edicts and policies. Their activity is often, but not always, linked with automated Integrators that first locate and subdue wanted Citizens. If an Integrator is unable to enforce, then Collectors are dispatched.

Collectors can exist in both Realspace (where they deal with physical individuals) or various locations of Infinispace (where they deal with the virtual personas of real individuals). When deployed to Infinispace they have the ability to bend the rules, but not break them. This often gives those with powerful personas a distinct edge within Infinispace.

They have no jurisdiction beyond a Techspire’s boundary, or surrounding boundary (e.g. The Tangle on Earth), but have jurisdiction within all of Infinispace they have access to.

Warspire forces are the enforcers of edicts and policies outside the jurisdiction of Techspires. See the Triocracy entry for the dynamics that exist between the three branches of power that makes up its structure.

Faction: Techspire
Exists in: Realspace and Infinispace

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