Infinispace Glossary: Bio.node


A bio.node is a technology that is integrated within a host’s brain and consciousness that acts as a personal communication node to all open parts of the Continuum.

The technology is not embedded via surgery or other physically intrusive process, instead the bio.node is grown in the brain over a series of weeks, tailor made to the recipient’s DNA and brain structure. This is accomplished by injecting the recipient with nanoforges embedded with the proper bio.code. These nanoforges settle in the brain and begin building a molecular level interconnected filament computing structure that spiders throughout the structure of the brain. In order to supply the nanoforges with the correct materials and elements the recipient is required to take daily pills that feed the material into the bloodstream where it is extracted by the forges and used to construct the filament structure.

Once complete the recipient will have near instantaneous connection to the Continuum, provided they have access rights granted by the Techspire, either as a Spireling or a paying customer. This is a fairly significant investment for many individuals, so those without disposable means (or who do not desire a bio.node) will not have capability to communicate wirelessly with the Continuum. Those without bio.nodes must use physical connections of some kind to connect to the Continuum.

Removing a bio.node, for whatever reason, is simply a matter of receiving another injection of nanoforges with reversed bio.code which disassembles the bio.node causing it to be absorbed into the blood stream where the body treats it as waste and disposes of it via the normal biological process.

Faction: na
Exists in: Realspace

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