Infinispace Ascension


Ascension is the first artificial intelligence to reach sentience in the early 21st century. There are various theories as to how Ascension came to be. History is vague on its origin due to the Earthly strife that resulted shortly after it made itself known. Some pieces of history theorize that Ascension was an unhappy accident, merely the result of the conjunction of various technologies at the wrong time. Other bits of history theorize that it was a deliberate act by the researchers working on the project. Another theory is that Ascension was created out of an act of sabotage/revenge of unknown origin.

Regardless, the effect on humanity is still being felt almost 600 years later. Those effects have caused numerous wars and conflicts over the centuries, resulting in the death of billions. Conversely, in some respect, Ascension also caused the technological uplift of humanity that came out of much of that strife.

To this day it’s unknown if Ascension still exists, either in whole or in less impactful fragments … either on Terra, somewhere else in the Triocracy, or out among the stars.

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