Infinispace Glossary: The Aegis


The Aegis is the flagship of the small Vek Primacy. Since the Vek are an interstellar nomad race the Aegis also serves as their primary home and base of operations.

It takes the form of a massive asteroid that is dotted with launch bays, storage bays, a cloud of support ships, and a small city residing in its interior. From a distance it appears as a rogue asteroid and has the means to shield its visual and radio emissions, effectively making itself look benign. But upon closer scrutiny, or with its guard down, it’s a bustling hive of Vek activity.

The Aegis houses the entire Vek population except those who are on covert operations or who have been exiled to the wasteland of interstellar space. It has the ability to travel through Shellspace, but due to its size and construction it cannot delve into deeper shells like smaller smaller ships, effectively making it relatively “slow” in comparison.

The windward side of the Aegis is primarily barren rock and ice. It is always facing the direction of travel and is used as an ablative shield at sub-luminal speeds (non-Shellspace travel). The Aegis is a ship of stealth and subterfuge. The Vek prefer to operate in the shadows, unseen until the last possible moment. The Aegis give them this ability.

Faction: Vek
Exists in: Realspace

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