Infinispace Hivernation

Images & Words: The Vek, Hivernation

Hivernation, A.I. Generated

Neal Ulen

When : Where
c. 182 DE (2492 CE) : Point of Origin – Perseus Arm

!- initiate++ uplink
!- trans load./Primary,eff=0.88

Deep beneath the ice we solemnly migrated into the tunnels, moving through the extending catacombs and chambers that would be our place of repose for the next several years. Technicians prepared the populace with the proper implants, injections, and fluids necessary for the extended plunge into hiversleep. At the same time all net implants were extracted from the minds of our seedlings. This removed the AI plague from most of them, and isolated those precious few from the impending mindwar that would surely consume them. We had to protect our future. Their sleep would be deep indeed. The seedlings that remained untouched during this ordeal would be re-connected with the Vek after our emergence.

#During these final hours many Vek succumbed to the AI plague while waiting in the long preparation queues. It made panicked efforts to sabotage our plans and some Vek committed suicide knowing they had been overly compromised. They chose to do so instead of causing harm to their own. Others under too much influence were regrettably terminated by the Technicians. Since our first encounter with the aberrant sentience on that desolate planet years ago, our population had been cut almost in half.

#The seedlings were the first to enter their hivernation vessels, many cradled in the arms of their Matriarchal source as they succumbed to the preparatory chemicals, at which time they were gently handed to the Technicians for final preparation and insertion. Next, the Matriarchs entered, bidding farewell to their Echelon partners, soaking in the last physical memory they may never have the chance to experience again.

Many Vek succumbed to the AI plague in the last moments as it made efforts to sabotage our plans. Some Vek committed suicide knowing they had been overly compromised … others were regrettably terminated by the Technicians.

#The Echelon were next to last. They steeled themselves for the chaotic mindwar to come, while at the same time exuding calm knowing the Vek would emerge forever changed … if their plans were successful. It’s as if they knew from the beginning that unearthing the AI would accelerate our transcendence, keeping the plan from us lest we balk at entering our vessels at the last moment. The Echelon were always striving for the betterment of the Vek! The Echelon bid the physical forms of their peers farewell, knowing full well they would become more intimately connected than ever in the tedious years to come.

#When all was in place according to the plan, the senior Vek Technicians prepared themselves as only they knew how and entered their own vessels, closing the armored and insulated lids, forever shutting out the light of the world to their eyes. Specifically coded strife and insurgency software was loaded into the biological matrices of the network to assist with the battle plan, and prior to entry the Technicians had made one final check … there were no nearby civilizations, ships, visitors or stray radio signals. All was quiet.

#Fate had caused us to inadvertently open Pandora’s box those years ago under the ruins of another icy world. We had discovered pain, misery, death and fear … yet at the bottom of the box there was still hope. And so we were about to open and re-enter that wicked box.

#We were alone in ourselves, and we waited for it to come.

!- trans unload./Primary

!- traceroute encrypt block gal#et\\z#1\\vek\\hw
!- set.autoconnect.cycle = 21.12fsec
.monitoring nullspace freq …


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  1. Have you mentioned in the previous stories why the net implants can’t be removed from the adults? This is why I will never allow computer chips in my brain regardless of how advanced our technology becomes!

    1. They can be removed from adults, but the Vek are independent entities that are connected via networked hivemind. To remove them from everyone to be rid of the AI would cause them to no longer be “Vek”. It’s part of their identity, and part of the transcendence to a post-human state they’ve been searching for…and the reason they fled Earth after the Transcendence Wars. The only time node implants are removed is when a Vek is exiled. Removing them from the seedlings (kids) is just a safeguard because their population has been dwindling for the many years since they left Earth, and moreso after encountering the corrupt AI.

      In this specific case, the implants are needed so the Vek collective can fight the AI while in their state of hivernation. They are all connect in a subconcious dream state during the mindwar.

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