Infinispace Hivernation World

Images & Words: The Vek, Hivernation World

Hivernation World, A.I. Generated

Neal Ulen

When : Where
c. 182 DE (2492 CE) : Point of Origin – Perseus Arm

!- initiate++ uplink
!- trans load./Primary,eff=0.74

In a quiet arm of our galaxy, far removed from the stellar radiation that makes many systems close to the core inhospitable, we located a world that would serve our needs. Another frigid and hellishly cold wasteland. Stable frozen nitrogen hundreds of meters thick covered its sterile rock surface, but it would serve our needs better than the world we had fled. The natural cold would help accelerate the hivernation process and cool the computational infrastructure allowing us to more efficiently combat the alien technological corruption that ran amok through our minds and networks.

#The entity could not be stopped in our current state. It moved through and hid in our biological and mechanical storage mediums. If we came close to containment it would fragment and replicate at nearly the speed of light. All the while it would be whispering in our minds, trying to influence the weak among us, trying to worm its way into the minds of our vulnerable and easily influenced seeds. The only other way to combat it would be to disconnect our entire biological network. Akin to death for us.

#Echelon debated for many precious cycles … cycles we did not have the luxury to spare. Our mind network was becoming more and more compromised as time passed, causing the Echelon leaders to second guess their efforts. They wanted to be sure the plan held promise and was executed efficiently and correctly. Eventually, the assembled engineering and labor teams descended to the stark, barren surface. They fought through crystal storms violent enough to polish the toughest of metals to a mirror finish. They drilled and melted through ice harder than the hardest stone on all your Earthly worlds. They endured months of long darkness where what little heat that was contained by their enhancement suits was sucked from their bodies by the jet black firmament of space hanging over their heads.

They endured months of long darkness where what little heat that was contained by their enhancement suits was sucked from their bodies by the jet black firmament of space hanging over their heads.

#Once the teams reached the rocky surface below the ice, they were able to extract and refine the minerals required to construct further materials. Massive lifts were plunged into the ice, reaching into the very bedrock of the planet itself. Pits, catacombs, corridors, and chambers were excavated in a spidery network surrounding the lifts. The undertaking lasted an entire seed generation and many Vek perished from the mindplague and inhospitable conditions.

#Ships were hidden, surface anomalies were scoured, thermal signatures extinguished, and the noise from our radio frequency generating technology was masked or randomized to sound like nothing more than galactic white noise. Our heat was hidden from prying eyes; our voice was hidden from prying ears … our fight would take many uninterrupted cycles to complete. At last, the Hivernatory was finished and ready for our stasis.

#The Vek Echelon drew up a battle plan for the soon to come mindwar, and communicated it through the network. Every Vek knew their role. Technicians prepared an automatic beacon that would commence transmission after ten years of inactivity should our efforts fail. It was a warning to all civilizations, including yours, with any form of distributed consciousness or computing, that they should avoid the planet for fear of allowing the sentient corruption to escape again and spread like a plague through the galaxy … and beyond.

#With the Blessings of the Transcendence we would accept this planet as our tomb, or emerge before the signal was sent.

!- trans unload./Primary

!- traceroute encrypt block gal#et\\b##\\vek\\hw
!- set.autoconnect.cycle = 6.42fsec
.monitoring nullspace freq …


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