Infinispace Perseus Arm

Images & Words: The Vek, Beginnings

Edge of the Perseus Arm

Neal Ulen

When : Where
c. 182 DE (2492 CE) : Point of Origin – Perseus Arm

!- initiate++ uplink
!- trans load./Primary,eff=0.58

We are the Vek. We were once human. This is our destiny.

#Your string of endless and inefficient wars hampered our genetic transcendence, not unlike the intellectual despair created by your corrupt spiritual and political leaders in your middle ages that hindered your progress. You refer to those times as the ‘Dark Ages.’ Your failing is that age never ceased, but continued to stifle your growth as a species. Even now you wallow in microscopic cultural aftershocks that build up like a cascade of neutrons in a fission reaction, until ultimately the effect cannot be ignored. All brought about by your own ignorance.

#Near the conclusion of your Transcendence Wars, where we watched and manipulated from the shadows, our seed fled the light of your fire … seeking genetic perfection. Something that would be denied us by your archaic, moralistic heavy handedness. Our search would be long and tireless, we could not fail!

#The never ending arrow of time marched forward. Decades passed. Then a century … and more. Always searching in the cold lonely emptiness. Starvation and death persistently shadowed our quest. We selectively procreated to stay one step ahead of the inevitable, but many of our seed never felt the natural light upon their skin as we moved between the fires. Ever searching for the spark that would ignite our transcendence.

#At last the sign we hope for was revealed. The lifespan of all the great civilizations is but a heartbeat in the life of the universe. There are ancient mysteries and wonders to be found that are billions of years removed from the heartbeat that represents humanity’s existence. Mysteries beyond the comprehension of your limited genetically mutated intellect.

#On a cold, dead planet, buried beneath the ice we found a terrible truth … our search had come to an unexpected end.

#But it was only a new beginning.

!- trans unload./Primary

!- traceroute encrypt block gal#et\\b##\\vek\\hw
!- set.autoconnect.cycle = 7.2fsec
.monitoring nullspace freq …


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