Images & Words: Street City Pursuit

Images & Words: Street City Pursuit

Underground by Eddie Del Rio

Neal Ulen

When : Where
c. 271 DE (2581 CE) : Terra / Infinispace / Möbius City

Underground by Eddie Del Rio
Underground by Eddie Del Rio

The prey was close. She could smell its data.

She’d been tracking her tag for almost twenty four sleepless hours and had finally brought him to ground, literally, in Street City.

This lowest layer of Freehaven was a melange of old and new. Past, present, future, and the fantastical clashed in a cacophony of battling sounds, smells and senses. Yellow cabs, spewing their hydrocarbon pollutants, crawled along wet, grimy streets. Flitters coasted through the chasms between the towering monoliths. Humans in antiquated business suits brushed elbows with mechs from other worlds. All of them sliding past gaudily lit shops and A.I.s pushing their virtual wares. Freehaven was everything to everyone. Reality was only limited by the user’s imagination and account balance. It was also a hell of a place to hide. Her prey was half-mecha, and he was a tough son of a bitch. But she’d tagged worse … much worse.

Jericho wasn’t about to let a tag, even one with the ability to tear her head off, get in the way of buying a better reality, or virtuality.

The rain was starting to let up, its job to cleanse Street City of obsolete and spurious data just about complete. It was an aesthetically pleasing method of maintenance utilized to keep immersion intact. But to her it still felt deceptively cold and wet.

She pulled the tall collar of her jacket tight about her neck, stepping out of the dark alley and into the virtual heart of Street City.


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