Images & Words: Rooftop Retreat

Images & Words: Rooftop Retreat

Rooftop Retreat

Neal Ulen

When : Where
285 DE (2595 CE) : Terra / Infinispace / Möbius City

Note: Preceded by Möbius Mayhem.
The Fixer pulled himself over the lip of the building’s roof and de-cloaked. He looked over his domain … Möbius City … Freehaven … gathering place for all the rabble and freeloaders looking to worm their way into the more exclusive corners of Infinispace.  The virtual city lights stretched to the horizon before and behind him, all of it an illusion of course, caused by the finite nature of the city.  Travel down one of the main thoroughfares at Street City level and eventually you’d find yourself back where you started, passing the same building, gaudily glowing sign, or freeloader on the corner begging for a dream.  It may take hours to circle Möbius City, but there were only two ways to leave it: back to reality or onward to a dream of your own making in Infinispace.

He looked over the edge and scanned the surrounding glow for signs of Collectors. Gravedigger better goddamn pay up. This avatar heist started out as a cakewalk, but quickly turned into a shit sandwich. No matter how honest they claim to be, people with money have their own shady resources and agendas. Even pissed off honest people will not hesitate to exact a little criminal retribution if they are desperate. A rich narcissist can get pretty desperate when their identity has been stolen in Infinispace.

There’d be hell to pay if that scrawny little fuck didn’t show up for the drop. The Tormentor again materialized in his hand.
Note: Continued in Shit Sandwiches.

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