Images & Words: Nullspace Travel Advisory

Images & Words: Nullspace Travel Advisory

Heavy Metal by Valentine Obasuyi

Neal Ulen

When : Where
243 DE (2553 CE) : Realspace / Shellspace / +(3:Nullspace:4) Interstial


0.0 CITIZENS:  Please read the following Nullspace TTA before boarding your transport. Failure to do so may result in a lifelong ban from transport enforced by your encrypted DNA key on file.

1.0 REMINDER:  Nullspace can be a cold, lonely, and sometimes emotionally traumatic place due to the nesting of realities in the Shells surrounding it. Travelers often see things or experience traumatic hallucinations when moving between Shells and into Nullspace while travelling from one point in the Triocracy to another. On rare occasions travelers may encounter physical manifestations of entities residing in Nullspace or the reality Shells embedded within it. It’s best to stay physically and mentally isolated when traversing between these Shells of reality. Attracting attention, willfully or by unhappy accident, can lead to a disturbing and often physically harmful passage. The inhabitants of Shellspaces do not take a liking to those who step on their shadows.

Bringing personal demons, traumatic memories, and/or emotional sensitivities with you is not advised. Those who have diagnosed mental illness(es) on file with their DNA key will be denied any Nullspace travel. We recommend booking traffic on a sleeper transport, but please be sure to account for the extremely elevated transit times. Travel to some remote systems can take upwards of ten years via automated sleeper transport.

2.0 WARNING: Due to heightened activity in Nullspace, certain travel restrictions are not in place until lifted.

In the current environment it is not uncommon for physical manifestations to occur. If this happens please call for a crew member immediately so they may properly isolate you and protect the other passengers. At the conclusion of the transport you will be released to a medical team, or your remains will be returned to the individual on file with your DNA key. If there is no receiving individual on file, your remains and possessions will be purged into Nullspace.

3.0 EMBARGOES & RESTRICTIONS (until lifted):

3.1 – CRITICAL: Use only approved Triocracy transports at this time.

3.2 – Private Nullspacing is restricted at this time. Any non-Triocracy registered ships/yachts/transports/etc that have Nullspace radiation signatures will be destructively neutralized with no warning when entering any Triocracy system.

3.3 – The Triocracy reminds you that Nullspace “nesting” (at any time, not just exclusive to embargoes) to avoid or leverage time sensitive events is strictly prohibited.


3.3.1 – Financial gain through time acceleration;
3.3.2 – Eluding or shortening litigation, punishment, incarceration, statutes, etc;
3.3.3 – Prolonging life beyond prescribed Mortalist guidelines;
3.3.4 – Attempting to make deliberate contact with Nullspace entities;
3.3.5 – Any activity that the Triocracy deems is detrimental to its security. – Prior to travel all non-Triocracy registered ships/yachts/transports/etc must file an appropriate transit plan stating their purpose and intent. – No private Nullspace travel may occur without a registered transit plan. Transiting without a plan is grounds for immediate destructive neutralization.

 Thank you and enjoy your transit!



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