Images & Words: Banned Exports

Images & Words: Banned Exports

Ice Cream by Yohann Schepacz

Neal Ulen

When : Where
3101 : Earth / Old Egypt / Giza Sanctuary / Hassan’s Ice Cream Van

Earth is in the galactic boondocks, pigeonholed smack dab between the Sagittarius Arm and the Orion Spur way out on the Rim.

The species there produces nothing noteworthy of trade except violence, funny animated images and attention seeking news bulletins. None of which have any use or value to a productive society. So no one bothers with the place. It’s only export of galactic significance is coffee … that dark, bitter, addictive elixir coveted by almost all civilized cultures, from the core worlds to the outer most backwaters. It’s sustained Earth’s economy for centuries.

It’s my first visit and I’m standing in the middle of dirt and desolation, my frigate cooling under the rays of a young G2 star. Because there’s one export not allowed. There’s one reason to make a side trip to Earth. One reason to divert precious cargo from well traveled trade routes. One reason to be a day late returning home.

Hassan’s Ice Cream Van.  Rocky Road obligatory … bumper sticker optional.


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