Heavy Metal by Valentine Obasuyi

Heavy Metal by Valentine Obasuyi

// Triocracy Travel Advisory // START

0.0 Citizens:  Please read the following advisory before boarding your transport.  Failure to do so may result in a lifelong ban from transport verified by encrypted DNA key.

1.0 Reminder:  Shellspace can be a cold, lonely, and sometimes emotionally traumatic place.  Travelers often see things when moving between the Shells trying to get from one point of the galaxy to another.  It’s best to stay physically and mentally hidden when traversing Shells of reality.  Attracting attention, willfully or by unhappy accident, can lead to a traumatic and often physically harmful passage.  The inhabitants of Shellspace do not take a liking to those who walk on their graves.  Bringing personal demons, traumatic memories, and/or nightmares with you is not advised.

Heavy Metal by Valentine Obasuyi
Concept art of the day:
Heavy Metal by Valentine Obasuyi.

2.0 Warning: It is not uncommon for physical manifestation and remembrance events to occur.  If this happens please call for a crew member so they can properly isolate you and protect the other passengers.  At the conclusion of the flight you will be released to a medical team, or your remains will be returned to the individual on file with your DNA key.  If you suffer from any psychological, psychotic or other mental ailments, please request a tranq or extra restraints during boarding.

3.0 Restrictions:

3.1 – Use only approved transport methods at this time.

3.2 – Private Shellspacing is not advised at this time.

3.3 – The Triocracy reminds you that Shellspace “nesting” to avoid (or leverage) time sensitive events is strictly prohibited.  Examples:

3.3.1 – Financial gain

3.3.2 – Eluding or shortening litigation, punishment, incarceration, statutes, etc.

3.3.3 – Prolonging life beyond Mortalist guidelines.

 Thank you and enjoy your flight!

// Triocracy Travel Advisory // END

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