Galactic Center Series

Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center Series

I am embarking on another series read for 2015.  Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center Series.  I make no promises that I will finish the series in 2015 considering I’m also reading Banks’ Culture Series in addition to may other books I’ll be working into the queue.  I’ve had this series on my shelves for years.  It’s time to knock it out.  This page will eventually have links to all the book reviews, as well as ratings.

Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center Series:

From my research it seems the series isn’t that well known.  Benford wrote the books between the years 1977 and 1996.  That’s right, he took 20 years to tell his galaxy spanning tale of human exterminating machines.  It may be that it’s lack of widespread popularity is because its considered hard science fiction, which tends to turn off many casual science fiction readers.  Benford is an astrophysicist, so his novel are steeped in scientific accuracy, which many people find uninteresting to read.  The first book came out when laser swords and wizards were dominating science fiction (Star Wars, naturally).  Who needs that science nonsense when you can use the Force!

Below is the full and complete Galactic Center Series.  Enjoy!


In the Ocean of Night by Gregory Benford

In the Ocean of Night (1977)

Galactic Center #1
Set in a world of lunar colonies, cybernetic miracles, fanatic cults, deadly pollution and famine, the first story in the Galactic Center Series.  This world of social decay is facing hardship, but not far beyond the shores of space comes a mystery, which one man, astronaut Nigel Walmsley is about to touch.
2 out of 5 stars
Full review link

Aross the Sea of Suns by Gregory Benford

Across the Sea of Suns (1984)

Galactic Center #2
Lancer, a spaceship built to specifications found in the computers of an alien derelict, journeys to the star, Ra, from which the Earth has received mysterious radio transmissions in English.
Full review link (TBD)

Great Sky River by Gregory Benford

Great Sky River (1987)

Galactic Center #3
At the center of the galaxy, a small band of humans, trapped on the barren world of Snowglade and facing extinction, discovers that they will play a new role in the order of the universe.
Full review link (TBD)

Tides of Light by Gregory Benford

Tides of Light (1989)

Galactic Center #4
The sequel to Great Sky River, this book continues the author’s chronicle of life at the galaxy’s center, many centuries in the future.  A band of humans flee aboard a regenerated starship to another planet where the mechs are in retreat but an even greater threat of alien cyborgs exists.
Full review link (TBD)

Furious Gulf by Gregory Benford

Furious Gulf (1994)

Galactic Center #5
The passengers on the spaceship Argo, pursued by hostile “”mechs,”” must face their doubts about their captain’s obsession with finding the galaxy’s True Center, an obsession that even troubles the captain’s son.
Full review link (TBD)

Sailing Bright Eternity by Gregory Benford

Sailing Bright Eternity (1996)

Galactic Center #6
The slaughter has begun.  The mechs — violent artificial intelligences dedicated to the total destruction of the human race — have ravaged humanity’s planets throughout the galaxy, forcing the survivors to flee to the Esty, a strange space-time continuum constructed by ancient beings near the galaxy’s True Center.
Full review link (TBD)


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