Speculative fiction in film.

Ghost in the Shell Teasers

Ghost in the Shell

Dreamworks is developing a live action version of Oshii Mamoru‘s classic and masterful anime adaptation of Masamune Shirow‘s original manga . . . Ghost in the Shell.  The title is a reference to housing a “soul” or “intelligence” within an artificial, cybernetic …

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Passengers Trailer


Today brings us the first “love in space” trailer for Passengers, based on a hot script written by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus).  The script appeared on Hollywood’s “Black List,” which is a survey of the “most liked” (not necessarily the “best”) screenplays …

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Sci-FI Short Friday: Vacuity


Vacuity takes place shortly after a major disaster aboard the Xoeh (zoh•ee) space station, Alan Brahm awakes to find himself trapped in the airlock/escape pod, with a torn space suit, and the room rapidly decompressing. With his attempts to force …

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Sci-FI Short Friday: Time Trap

Time Trap: A Science Fiction Short

Short films have made quite the splash on the internet as of late, espcially those of the fantastical or science fiction nature.  Michael Shanks provides this week’s diversion with Time Trap, a whimsical short about a robot-alien who crash lands …

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Sci-Fi Short Friday: Wanderers

If you like science, space, fiction and the extrapolation/melding of the three then Wanderers may be the most amazing video you will see in a long time . . . all put to the glorious narration of Carl Sagan from his …

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