Speculative fiction in film.

Jupiter Ascending Official Trailer

Jupiter Ascending

The first trailer for the Wachowskis brothers’, errrr ummm, brother and sister’s, next film has dropped.  From the creators of the Matrix Trilogy and Cloud Atlas comes Jupiter Ascending, a tale about an interstellar soldier (Caine) sent to murder an Earthling …

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‘Maleficent’ Trailer


Disney appears to be going dark with this trailer for their mondo-budgeted ($200 million) Maleficent.  Universal Studios took a similar path with Snow White and the Huntsman, which was a retelling of the Snow White fairy tale (not the Disney …

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The 7 Fails of Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

I admit, I’m often behind the times when it comes to viewing movies, and I hadn’t planned on reviewing Iron Man 3 but after viewing it I just felt compelled.  Our house is way out in the sticks, and when …

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Sci-Fi Scenes: Deforestation, Predator, 1987

Predator Mini-gun

“Come on in, you fuckers. Come on in. Ol’ Painless is waitin.”  ~Blain Predator.  A movie about badass special forces being hunted by a badass alien in the steaming jungles of Central America.  A movie that teamed up Arnold Schwarzenegger and …

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‘Azarkant’ SciFi Short


Azarkant     In the future, a team of astronauts are sent on a ten year journey to a distant planet to find new life. On their way, they encounter a large, abandoned spaceship that is drifting in the orbit …

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‘WindMills’ Animated Short


WindMills is a nifty little animated short I ran across.  This was a graduation movie, made at the Georges Méliès School, and directed by Guillaume Bergère, Guillaume Coudert, Maria Glinyanova, Bruno Guerra, Charlotte Jammet.     In a dead world …

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Childhood’s End Movie Concept Art

Yes, the photo above is from the reboot of the television show V, but it goes a long way in showing what could have been (and what eventually could be) if a Childhood’s End movie is ever made. Childhood’s End …

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