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The Forever War

Review: The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

Note:  This is a guest review by Michael. The Forever War is an entertaining novel with an interesting mix of science fiction, war and social issues.  In this classic science […]

Slow River

Review: Slow River by Nicola Griffith

Let’s get this right out of the way.  Slow River is not a science fiction novel.  It’s categorize and pigeon-holed as such, but at best it’s speculative fiction, a category […]

Transcendental header

Review: Transcendental by James Gunn

James Gunn was never in my wheelhouse.  To be honest I’d never heard of him until sometime within the last year.  Which is odd since he is a SFWA Grand Master, […]

Exploding Sun

Review: The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov

“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.” ~Friedrich Schiller, The Maid of Orleans, 1801 Even the gods cannot fix stupidity.  So contends Isaac Asimov in his Hugo and Nebula […]

Review: Marsbound Trilogy by Joe Haldeman

Joe Haldeman is one of my favorite and most read authors.  The first book of his that I read was There Is No Darkness, a coming of age military SF […]

John Carter of Mars by Vance Kovacs

John Carter of Mars by Vance Kovacs

For a little over 100 years Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ John Carter of Virginia has been roaming the red plains of Barsoom and filling our minds with adventure.  Vance Kovacs captures […]

Revelation Space Universe

Review: Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds

Before delving in to the Revelation Space universe I first suggest perusing the chronology and consider reading the books in order. This is Part 6 in my series of reviews focusing on […]

The Mars Covers // Gino d'Achille

The Art of Gino D’Achille

Gino D’Achille is an illustrator and commercial artist of international renown, whose work includes many of the most iconic and well-loved book covers and illustrations produced in the last half-century, […]

Review: The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

The Martian Chronicles has been a book long in the reading for me.  I’ve known about it since I was a kid.  I watched the terrible, terrible 1980 mini-series (video […]

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