Speculative fiction in literature.

2012 Nebula Award Nominees

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

Below is the list of works nominated for the 2012 Nebula Award that is handed out by the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA).  This award differs from the Hugo award which is more of a popular award (think People’s …

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Watch The Hobbit Before & After VFX Shots

Nearly every frame of The Hobbit contains special effects shots, indeed some of the scenes in the movie are 100% visual effects…but to the untrained eye it’s difficult to see the transition between real elements and visual effects. Weta Digital …

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AMC Developing Terror Drama

Trying to strike while the iron his hot on the success of their Walking Dead franchise, AMC is developing Dan Simmons’ novel The Terror into a drama/horror series.  The series is being produced by Scott Free TV (Ridley Scott’s television …

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Review: Dragondoom by Dennis L. McKiernan

Dragondoom by Dennis L. McKiernan may just be the best fantasy novel you’ve never read. Over the years Dennis L. McKiernan has been accused of borrowing, if not stealing, the settings, themes and many elements of Tolkien‘s The Lord of …

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Retro Review: Gateway by Frederik Pohl

Gateway by Frederik Pohl

Gateway by Frederik Pohl is a simple story about a complex man that takes place in a setting that lends itself to a myriad of adventures both enriching and terrifying…usually the latter.  In the case of down and out Robinette Broadhead …

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The Fantasy Art of Alan Lee

Alan Lee // Shelob

Alan Lee is a British artist most famously known for bringing J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth to life.  More recently he completed all the artwork for The Children of Húrin, including full color plates, as well as black and white pencil drawings to …

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