The art of speculative fiction.

The Art of Les Edwards

Cygnus \\ Les Edwards

Les Edwards is a British artist who was born in 1949.  He studied at the Hornsey College of Art from 1968 to 1972.  Shortly after finishing school he was recruited by the Young Artists Agency and has been a professional …

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The Art of Stephan Martiniere

Stephan Martiniere

Stephan Martiniere is a French born science fiction and fantasy artist best known for his numerous and highly imaginative book covers which currently numbers greater than 100.  But his talent and influence go far beyond that.  He’s contributed concept art …

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Life After Pi Documentary

Life of Pi

Remember the movie Life of Pi?  The one with the amazing allegory about what a person can do to survive?  Remember the incredible special effects?   Very few people know the story behind the visual effects (VFX) studio that did …

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The Art of Gino D’Achille

The Mars Covers // Gino d'Achille

Gino D’Achille is an illustrator and commercial artist of international renown, whose work includes many of the most iconic and well-loved book covers and illustrations produced in the last half-century, across a range of genres unmatched by most of his …

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‘WindMills’ Animated Short


WindMills is a nifty little animated short I ran across.  This was a graduation movie, made at the Georges Méliès School, and directed by Guillaume Bergère, Guillaume Coudert, Maria Glinyanova, Bruno Guerra, Charlotte Jammet.     In a dead world …

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Childhood’s End Movie Concept Art

Yes, the photo above is from the reboot of the television show V, but it goes a long way in showing what could have been (and what eventually could be) if a Childhood’s End movie is ever made. Childhood’s End …

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The Art of Francis Tsai

Translight // Francis Tsai

Francis Tsai was born in Hawaii and has both Taiwanese and Japanese ancestry.  He studied and received a degree in architecture before turning to art. He has worked for game development studios as well as a free lancer.  He’s worked …

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Impossible Love by Marc Brunet

Impossible Love // Marc Brunet

They arrived at the Core bruised, bleeding and exhausted. The blind and naked trogs who had guided them through the impossibly dark and winding catacombs of the Underspire refused to enter the Core.  Their Techspire conditioning was too strong to …

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12 Hideous Book Covers On My Shelf

A Case of Conscience by James Blish

We’ve all read (or gave up on) really bad books over the years.  We’ve also been subjected to some really poorly conceived and executed book covers during that same time.  I’m not going to attempt to meld the two, because bad books often make …

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