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Neverwinter MMO Free to Play – Save Your Money

Neverwinter, the free to play (F2P) MMO, recently went live and I’ve been spending time with it.  Why?  Because it’s a game based on Dungeons & Dragons lore, specifically the Forgotten Realms setting made popular by TSR in the late …

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Impossible Love // Marc Brunet

Impossible Love by Marc Brunet

They arrived at the Core bruised, bleeding and exhausted. The blind and naked trogs who had guided them through the impossibly dark and winding catacombs of the Underspire refused to enter the Core.  Their Techspire conditioning was too strong to …

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Daily Science Fiction Stories for June, 2013

Get your short story read on! DSF is pleased to announce their line up of stories for June. They will appear on the web one week after their email publication. The DSF Madness has completed. Congratulations to “Twenty Ways the …

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Jack Vance

R.I.P. SF Grand Master Jack Vance

Science fiction Grand Master Jack Vance has passed away at the age of 96.  Jack was the author of scores of fantasy and science fiction books.  He’s best known for his The Dying Earth series originally published beginning in 1950. …

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Babylon 5 Cast

Babylon 5 – 20th Anniversary Memorial Video

This weekend much of the surviving cast of Babylon 5 gathered in Arizona for the 2013 Phoenix ComicCon.  During the convention there was a 20th anniversary panel and the following video was shown to honor the memory of all the …

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Babylon 5

Novo Babylonia – Babylon 5 Audio Dramas

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this as I’m a HUGE Babylon 5 fan.  Sadly people only discover things when there is trouble brewing.  Novo Babylonia has actually been around for almost 5 years and have produced 14 episodic …

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A Case of Conscience by James Blish

12 Hideous Book Covers On My Shelf

We’ve all read (or gave up on) really bad books over the years.  We’ve also been subjected to some really poorly conceived and executed book covers during that same time.  I’m not going to attempt to meld the two, because bad books often make …

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Huge // Christian Bravery

Infinispace – Huge // Christian Bravery

Showla lifted the hat from her shaded face and sniffed. The fresh, clean air of the plains held a tinge of corruption she had never smelled before. She sat up slowly willing her lazy, sun warmed limbs to life. From …

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Microsoft Announces ‘Halo’ TV Series

Today Microsoft is unveiling their new gaming system, The Xbox One.  Certainly this is a big deal for Microsoft, gamers, and media, but they’ve dropped an equally big bomb.  In today’s announcement they’ve also reveals development of a live-action Halo …

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2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

2012 Nebula Award Winners Announced

In February the nominations for the 2013 Nebula Awards were announced.  This weekend those awards were handed out, and below is a list of the winners. The Nebula Award that is handed out by the Science Fiction Writers of America …

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Europa Report

‘Europa Report’ Trailer

The first full length trailer for Sharlto Copley’s (District 9, Elysium) new film Europa Report has hit the web. Europa Report is a docudrama that follow a crew on a private mission to Europa to explore for extraterrestrial life.  Europa …

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‘Riddick’ Official Trailer

Richard Riddick is back, and he’s brought friends!  Enemy of my enemy…friend of mine.  The first official full length trailer has been released for Riddick, the follow on to The Chronicles of Riddick, and it feels a lot more like …

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Tape by Jason Coffman

‘Tape’ Horror Short by Jason Coffman

Mr. Lake provides unusual services to people with unusual problems.  Jim Carston has such a problem and Mr. Lake agrees to take care of the problem under the contingency that Mr. Carston take delivery of a tape that documents the …

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