Stephan Martiniere

The Art of Stephan Martiniere

Stephan Martiniere is a French born science fiction and fantasy artist best known for his numerous and highly imaginative book covers which currently numbers greater than 100.  But his talent […]

Revelation Space Universe

Review: Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds

Before delving in to the Revelation Space universe I first suggest perusing the chronology and consider reading the books in order. This is Part 6 in my series of reviews focusing on […]


Happy 20th Doom!

On December 10, 1993 history was made. It’s not the momentous history that most people are aware of, but it’s the type of history that changed and influenced an entire […]

Iron Man 3

The 7 Fails of Iron Man 3

I admit, I’m often behind the times when it comes to viewing movies, and I hadn’t planned on reviewing Iron Man 3 but after viewing it I just felt compelled. […]

The Mars Covers // Gino d'Achille

The Art of Gino D’Achille

Gino D’Achille is an illustrator and commercial artist of international renown, whose work includes many of the most iconic and well-loved book covers and illustrations produced in the last half-century, […]

Babylon 5

The Babylon 5 Scrolls

Infinispace is proud to host the archives of The Babylon 5 Scrolls. You can access The Babylon 5 Scrolls here: I’m a huge fan of the show and ran […]

Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds

Review: Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds

Galactic North represents a collection of novellas and short stories that take place in the Revelation Space universe.   Great Wall of Mars If you are interested in how the Conjoiners came in […]

Translight // Francis Tsai

The Art of Francis Tsai

Francis Tsai was born in Hawaii and has both Taiwanese and Japanese ancestry.  He studied and received a degree in architecture before turning to art. He has worked for game […]