RoboCop 2014

Behold: The New ‘RoboCop’ Trailer!


No one was really asking for a RoboCop reboot, but we got one!  It may be even more prophetic today because of the predicament facing modern Detroit.  It’s like current Detroit was ripped right from the screen of the original 1987 version directed by Paul Verhoeven . . . minus OCP over course.  But give it time.


The story of the reboot looks very close to the original, with updates to effects, costumes, and the times.  We see that RoboCop is decked out in black this time around, and his vehicle of choice is a bike.  Nice!  It’s also good to see Michael Keaton on the big screen again.  It also has the talents of Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman.  Some of the special effects look a bit iffy (Robo jumping off a wall and landing), but hopefully they will clean up all the CGI before theatrical release.  Studios are notorious for tweaking CGI up to the very week of release.


RoboCop opens worldwide in early 2014.


Dead or alive . . . you’re coming with me.

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