Infinispace Authors

  • Neal Ulen

    Neal Ulen

    Editor/Webmaster - Neal is a writer and recovering engineer who likes pizza, the insidious power of sarcasm (and pizza), and debating science fiction (and pizza). You can also find his writing on Omni, Geeks, and other media platforms.
  • Amy Ulen

    Amy Ulen

    Editor - Life long teacher, Shakespearean, Trekkie, geek, Harry Potter freak, scrapbooker, guest blogger . . .
  • Caroline


    Contributor - Caroline is a gaming blogger with a passion for speculative fiction. Merging the best of both worlds, No Man’s Sky is one of her favorite new releases of 2016.
  • Michael


    Contributor - Gamer, geek, engineer, guest blogger, taco fiend . . . and stuff.
  • Neal & Amy Ulen

    Neal & Amy Ulen

    Nerds - Long time married couple who enjoy Harry Potter, gothic space opera, Star Wars, books, musicals, gaming, Shakespeare, gadgets, and movies . . . not necessarily in that order, and often mutually exclusively. They own seven versions of The Lord of the Rings and zero versions of Twilight.