Weekend Box Office: July 31-Aug 2, 2015

As the summer movie season draws to an inexorable close, the box office number slowly begin to trail off.  Tom Cruise’s fifth Mission Impossible movie is having a respectable showing at the weekend box office, hauling in a cool $56 million domestic ($121 million worldwide).  Mission Impossible 6 is already in the pipeline, so the studio expects Rogue Nation to do well enough.

Another reboot no one was asking for, Vacation, isn’t fairing as well, coming in a distant second in its opening weekend with $15 million.

The remaining films are the same we’ve seen for a few weeks now, with Ant-Man seeming to have some legs, albeit trembling.  It’s made almost $300 million worldwide, but that might be considered a significant failure in the Marvel Universe (but it’s not).  It’s really hard for movies to not make money theses days with global releases.  Even the lackluster Terminator: Genisys (now out of the Top 10) has managed $318 million.

Minions continues it’s march to $1 billion.  Last week I thought it might get there, but now it looks like might only top out at $900 million.

Here are all the weekend numbers . . .

This Week Last Week Film Weekend Gross
1 New Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation $56,000,000
2 New Vacation $14,850,000
3 1 Ant-Man $12,619,000
4 3 Minions $12,200,000
5 2 Pixels $10,400,000
6 4 Trainwreck $9,700,000
7 5 Southpaw $7,519,000
8 6 Paper Towns $4,600,000
9 7 Inside Out $4,517,000
10 8 Jurassic World $3,800,000

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