Weekend Box Office: Aug 7-9, 2015

The news this weekend isn’t so much that Rogue Nation retained the top spot, but that the Marvel Universe, this time in the form of another Fantastic Four reboot, is not a guaranteed box office juggernaut.  Especially when in the hands of Fox, and double when not in the hands of Josh Trank who often came to the set drunk/stoned, berated and verbally abused cast/crew, damaged his rented home to the tune of $100,000, trashed his own movie the week it was being released, and was summarily fired from his upcoming Star Wars film gig.  Not a good way to establish longevity in Hollywood.

At least he was right about his own movie.  I have not seen it (superhero movies don’t get me too excited), but you can’t swing a Google search for reviews without hitting several hundred negative ones.  It’s rocking a 9% rotten rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Anyway, my prediction last weekend that Minions may not hit $1 billion may be wrong.  It’s got legs at the end, and is doing well overseas . . . to the tune of $912 million.  So it might just get to the magic billion mark.

This Week Last Week Film Weekend Gross Total US Gross Weeks
1 1 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation $29,400,000 $108,654,000 2
2 New Fantastic Four $26,200,000 $26,200,000 1
3 New The Gift (2015) $12,007,000 $12,007,000 1
4 2 Vacation $9,145,000 $37,325,000 2
5 3 Ant-Man $7,826,000 $147,436,000 4
6 4 Minions $7,400,000 $302,754,000 5
7 New Ricki and the Flash $7,000,000 $7,000,000 1
8 6 Trainwreck $6,300,000 $91,102,000 4
9 5 Pixels $5,430,000 $57,645,000 3
10 7 Southpaw $4,764,000 $40,726,000 3

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