Weekend Box Office: July 24-26, 2015

Another weekend, another truck load of money for Disney.  Ant-Man isn’t burning up the box office like most Disney/Marvel offerings, but it’s doing respectable business, grossing $25 million this weekend, with a $226 million global total so far.

The Adam Sandler starred Pixels also did pretty well it’s opening weekend, but is suffering from horrible reviews, only managing to top out at 19% positive on Rottentomatoes.com.  The main problem with the movie?  The star . . . Adam Sandler.

Minions, the movie that seemed to be advertised for the past ten years (at least it felt that way), will probably just eek in at $1 billion worldwide when all is said and done.  Hopefully the movie is not causing parents to pull their hair out dealing with their children trying to mimic minion behavior.

Inside Out, Pixar’s latest movie, while getting wrecked by Minions at the box office has managed to pull in a paultry $550 million.

Then there’s Jurassic World.  A movie to me that looks absolutely horrible . . . has become one of the top grossing movies in history (3rd place behind Avatar and Titanic).  How?  Oh, I know how.  It exists in the same world where Furious 7 can make $1.5 billion.   To further bolster this news, adjusted for inflation Jurassic World has also surpassed Jurassic Park ($1.54 billion vs. $983 million).  Let us bow our heads in sorrow over this travesty . . .

This Week Last Week Film Weekend Gross
1 1 Ant-Man $24,765,000
2 New Pixels $24,000,000
3 2 Minions $22,100,000
4 3 Trainwreck $17,300,000
5 New Southpaw $16,500,000
6 New Paper Towns $12,500,000
7 4 Inside Out $7,356,000
8 5 Jurassic World $6,900,000
9 11 Mr. Holmes $2,849,000
10 6 Terminator: Genisys $2,400,000

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