The Atmospheric Art of Markus Lovadina

The Atmospheric Art of Markus LovadinaMarkus Lovadina is a self taught CG artist who resides in London.

He’s been employed as an artist in the advertising industry for many years, mostly working on projects related to the game or movie industries.  Markus has only recently tried his hand as a freelance CG artist and illustrator.  As a CG artist the tools he uses are: Painter, Sketchbook Pro, ArtRage, After Effect, Modo, Maya, and Cinema 4D.  His personal favorite tool being Photoshop (as you can see in the speed paint below).  He says that even after using Photoshop for almost two decades he still learns new techniques every day.

As you can see in the work below Markus tends toward large scale and sweeping environments, with a slant towards science fiction and fantasy.  Though he does dabble in horror from time to time.  One only need look as far as the header image above to notice.

Here’s an example of Markus doing a 15 minute speed paint tutorial:

You can find Markus’ blog and more pieces of his art here:

Gallery of Markus Lovadina’s selected works:

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