Symbol One by Huy Tran Viet

Vek Technician:

Study carefully the example specimen shown below.  While Vek Technicians themselves are deadly physical and mental adversaries, the Ultra Technician is the most formidable of their kind.  As you well know the Technician is one of the three limbs of a symbiotic triad that holds the small, but fierce, Vek civilization together.  Technicians (a.k.a. “Physicals”) are the warriors, laborers, engineers, and strong arm of the Vek’s might.  They are the workforce and protectors.  They are loyal to the core.

Symbol One by Huy Tran Viet
Concept art of the day:
Symbol One by Huy Tran Viet.

Being asexual they are self engineered by higher order Technicians (Ultras, etc) using suitable genetic material from Vek Echelons and Matriarchs. Without them the Vek would be weak and defenseless.  As with all Vek, the core of their physical bodies is biomechanical, but clearly more mechanical than their progenitors, especially the higher ranking the Technician.  Yep, underneath all that shit is meat and bones . . . somewhere.  Their minds and bodies have evolved (and been modified) to the point where their mental will is on par with their physical strength . . . able to crush an enemy mind by will of thought, or able to crush an enemy body by force of strength.  In addition they have the strongest grasp of interacting with the physical world, more so than any Echelon or Matriarch who are more adept at virtual/hive environments.  They are deadly in all forms of combat, and ingenious in all physical endeavors.

Cognitive skills are subpar, often far below even the most average of human counterparts.  Technicians are engineered with this limitation to keep the Vek power structure balanced.  But make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, they may not be the sharpest knife on the belt, but you’d rather run into ten Echelon or Matriarchs than facing one of these sons of bitches.  And if you run into an Ultra Technician like the one shown below, and you’re by your lonesome . . . just kiss your ass goodbye.

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