Subway Scene by Ivan Khomenko

Subway Scene by Ivan Khomenko
Concept art of the day:
Subway Scene by Ivan Khomenko.

One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s pain in the ass.  And right now my ass is killing me.  These neo-hippie-faux-agenda-terrorist wannabes don’t know how good they’ve got it.  Three squares a day, shelter from the fallout, a warm gun.  Shit, when I was their age I was slogging through radioactive sludge just trying to find all the simple things they take for granted . . . but apparently they want it all, now, without putting in the work to get it.

Every goddamn day they’re down here in the Subs blowing up innocent women and children.  I guess that’s what they call work.  Destructive animals is what they are.  No.  Animals kill out of necessity.  Monsters kill for attention.  I’m fucking sick of attention whores.

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