Heist by Alexander Mandradjiev

Heist by Alexander Mandradjiev

Word of the day:  Improvise.

Most Citizen rats improvise by deciding what to eat for lunch or who to kowtow to each day.  Their identities are chosen for them and the concept of destiny taken from them at birth.  Not so the Cleaner.  His improvisations tend to lean toward the independent, exotic and illegal side of the socioeconomic equation of life.  Sort of an independent contractor of mayhem, sowing chaos throughout the Continuum for the benefit of only himself.  Tonight’s mayhem?  Avatar kidnap and ransom.  The filthy rich are so narcissistic and vain, even about their virtual selves.

Heist by Alexander Mandradjiev
Concept art of the day:
Heist by Alexander Mandradjiev.

But things went sideways . . . they always do.  His ride went .node dead during the jack in Möbius City and now he’s staring down the lights of approaching Collectors.  Typical bullshit.  The Cleaner willed a Tormenter to materialized in his gloved hand.  Time to sow some chaos and improvise the fuck out of Dodge.

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