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SyFy Picks Up 3001: The Final Odyssey Miniseries

As nerds on the internet groan in unison at this news, it should be quickly pointed out that Arthur C. Clarke‘s other book in the series, 2061: Odyssey Three, is being completely ignored.

But no matter, people seem more focused on the fact that Ridley Scott‘s production company, Scott Free, is to produce the miniseries. Many think that Scott can do no wrong. And make no mistake, just because his production company is involved doesn’t mean the man himself will be involved at all in anything but a high level, cursory role. He’s too busy doing Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels for the big screen to worry about something being aired on SyFy.

Here’s what Scott said about the project:

I have always been a fan of Clarke’s extraordinary ‘Odyssey’ series, and certainly Kubrick’s adaptation of 2001. I am thrilled to be part of bringing that legacy to audiences and continuing the great cinematic tradition that this story and its creators deserve.

The plot centers on the frozen body of Frank Poole (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) as it floats in space for 1000 years before being discovered again by humans.  Poole is eventually brought back to life.

The only thing SyFy has ever been involved with that was any good was the Battlestar Galactica reboot. I’m not holding my breath.

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