Dark Dragon by Jakub Cervenka

Lairke stood his ground knowing that his end was drawing nigh.  The choice was no longer his.  Only he stood to defy the dark abomination that was worming its way towards his village beneath his very feet.  The ground trembled and shuddered.   Lairke stumbled and leaned on the long, lethal spear in his hands, steadying himself against the undulations of the Earth.  Cracks appeared in the field before him, rank fumes spewed into the sky blocking out the midday sun.  While staring in awe a thundering explosion knocked him back.  Shadows crawled from the churning pit of rock, flame, and ash.  It made a sound as if the entire world were sliding on top of Lairke.  A black head on a long neck snaked out of the ruin and gazed balefully at him.

Raorux the Dark Drake had arrived, and Lairke did not yield.

Concept art of the day:  Dark Dragon by Jakub Cervenka.

Dark Dragon by Jakub Cervenka

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