Sci-Fi Scenes: Tears in Rain, Blade Runner, 1982

Ahhh, Roy, Roy, Roy.  You desired life so much that you killed to find its secret, but in the end you loved it so much that you couldn’t bear to take another life.  The lesson . . . we only appreciate things when they are gone or we’re about to lose them.  So in all his perfection perhaps that one flaw makes him as human as any of us.

Or he spared Deckard because he was a replicant.  But that’s a whole different can of worms.

Rutger Hauer, of course, improvised this in to the film and it’s become one of the most iconic scenes in sci-fi cinema.

If you’re new to Blade Runner, watch only the Final Cut Bluray.  This is the only cut where Ridley Scott had 100% control.  Skip all other cuts/versions.

What is a Sci-Fi Scene? These scenes are memorable because they touch the soul, show amazing visions of the future, or broke ground in film technology. All these scenes are so great that they are in no particular order, just the order that they come to me. Enjoy!

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