Apex Magazine #49 Released

Issue 49 of the 2013 Hugo Award-nominated APEX MAGAZINE has just hit the internet! This issue features some fantastic and fantastical fiction by Indrapramit Das, Lavie Tidhar, Tang Fei (translated by Ken Liu), and Cherie Priest. We also have an interview with Ms. Priest and a thought-provoking essay by Caroline Symcox about fandom and Christianity. The cover art comes from Julie Dillon.

The issue is free to read in its entirety at http://www.apex-magazine.com. We also offer the issue in nicely formatted eBook editions at the following online vendors (and others, of course):

This issue:



Karina Who Kissed Spacetime” by Indrapramit Das
Titanic!” by Lavie Tidhar
Call Girl” by Tang Fei (translated by Ken Liu)
Reluctance” by Cherie Priest

Blood on Vellum: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief” by Lynne M. Thomas
A Believer in Fandom: Can Geek and Christian Mix?” by Caroline Symcox
An Interview with Cherie Priest” by Maggie Slater
Words from the Publisher” by Jason Sizemore


Cover art Underwater by Julie Dillon.

Julie Dillon is a freelance illustrator working in Northern California. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from Sacramento State University in 2005, with continued education at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco and Watts Atelier. Her clients include Tor Books, Wizards of the Coast, Simon & Schuster, and Llewellyn Worldwide.

Apex Magazine #49

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